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Interactive Parables

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The Interactive Parables is a fun, 3-D game combining lessons from the Parables of Jesus. There are twenty four lessons from Jesus' Parables grouped together by theme. Complete each lesson to win a crown. A great Bible-based product for your family, church or home school. Students 10 and older will enjoy it. Younger students would enjoy it as well with parent partners.

Within the game, you will fly, slide, jump, bounce, dodge, search, and solve puzzles in 20 game levels. Meanwhile, you are learning about the lesson based on Jesus' Parables. The Interactive Parables is a great tool to have fun and learn at the same time. With twenty four lessons, it fully covers every Parable told by Jesus Christ. It proavaimotes understanding and retention while providing positive experiences for students. It requires Windows 98, ME, XP, or XP Pro and 3D graphics capability. It's packaged in either a full or slim-line jewel case.

The Interactive Parables Offers 24 Lessons and 20 Game Levels

  • The Debtors & the Great Pearl
  • The Friend at Midnight & 10 Virgins
  • The Good Samaritan
  • The Good Shepherd
  • The Growing Seed
  • The Lost Coin & Lost Sheep
  • The Prodigal Son
  • The Merciless Servant
  • The Mustard Seed & Yeast In Dough
  • The Rich Man & Lazarus
  • The Rich Young Fool
  • The Sheep & Goats
  • The Shrewd Manager
  • Two Sons & Barren Fig Tree
  • The Sower - Details
  • The Sower - Explained
  • The Talents and Minas
  • The Vineyard Workers
  • The Wedding & Great Banquets
  • The Weeds & Fishing Net
  • The Wicked Tenants
  • The Widow, Pharisees, & Tax Collectors
  • The Wineskin
  • The Wise Men

Game Levels

  • Simple
  • Floaters
  • One Floor
  • The Pyramid
  • Three Pyramids
  • Square Room
  • Pyramid Maze
  • The Wandering Path
  • Bizarre World
  • The Great Hall
  • Mole Hills
  • Standing Tall
  • The Mines
  • Chimneys
  • The Dark Castle
  • TriRoom
  • One Way
  • Barrel Factory
  • Leap Of Faith
  • Drum Room


Slim Jewel Case and DVD packaging is available.

The DVD case graphic looks like:

DVD case of Interactive Parables by GraceWorks Interactive



The Spanish Version is done thanks to Alex, Poncho, Stone and Jenny.  We need to refresh the demo still.

Also, Steve is working on make some new textures that will help jazz up the looks of whichever maps we assign those to.

And some excellent artists are helping to spruce up the black and white Bible Illustrations, coloring them!  Many thanks to Antonio, Richard, Eden, Shawn, Ree, and Billy.

Working on a 10th Anniversary Edition! Already have a new software build, need to gather the "goodies" to be included with this special version.



If you need any game assistance, please consult the help pages first.



Some history of Interactive Parables, including the various package changes over time.


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Interactive Parables - Screen Shots

iPar-ArmorIsOn2ProtectFromFieryDarts.JPG (96915 bytes)
One of the power ups you can obtain is Armor - the above shot shows the armor activated.

iPar-BouncingShoes.JPG (74219 bytes)
Boots abound to squish you - if you time it right, you can go under some but probably best to avoid them where possible.

iPar-Barrels.JPG (68724 bytes)

Rolling barrels will squish you as well!

iPar_MoleHills.JPG (83211 bytes)

Some maps will put your jumping to the test.  Remember that you can do short jumps by walking and then jumping versus running and jumping.

iPar_KeyOneFloorMap.JPG (109448 bytes)

Each map has a different look about it as well as different challenges. 

iPar_FlyingZeppelin.JPG (64009 bytes)

Catch a ride on a zeppelin to ride to areas on the map that may be hard to get to. Some other shots of the Zeppelins.

 iPar-Zeppelins.JPG (71520 bytes)

iPar-RidingTheZeppelin.JPG (73793 bytes)

iPar_DrumFactory.JPG (80522 bytes)

The Levels/Maps can be multi-level as seen in this "Drum Factory" map.  Here is another view of Drum Factory.

iPar_DrumFactoryLookingDown.JPG (78275 bytes)


iPar_BootsAndDartsSquareRoomMap.JPG (59991 bytes)

Fiery Darts and Large Boots are just many of the obstacles to avoid.

The Interactive Parables - PC Computer Game

Some maps have force fields that have to be navigated around. 

The Interactive Parables - PC Computer Game 

Be sure to visit the hearts as they restore your health and save your progress.

The Interactive Parables - PC Computer Game 

Narrow plank ways can be a challenge and be sure to avoid the large walking boots.

The Interactive Parables - PC Computer Game 

On the Chimneys level, one better not be afraid of heights!  Lots of fun jumping, puzzling platforms that disappear, and more.  Another screen below.

iPar_ChimneysSky.JPG (49417 bytes)

The Interactive Parables - PC Computer Game

If you are trying to get the maximum amount of points, be sure to gather all the gold plus signs.

iPar-Crown-SS.jpg (74883 bytes)

If you gather all five gems in a level, you can complete the map and win a crown.  Thanks to Paul Bury for Screen Shot.

Espanol - Las Parábolas Interactivas

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What a blessing! Family Friendly Gaming has recognized Interactive Parables by inducting Interactive Parables into their Hall of Fame last year (2013). What an honor! This year, GraceWorks Interactive was inducted!

Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame


Do you have a Tablet PC?  You will need to make this one change so that Parables will run smoothly.

  • Locate the shortcut to the executable for the game or demo (or use file manager and navigate to where you installed it, probably something like c:\program files\Interactive Parables).
  • Right click on the .exe or the shortcut icon, and click properties from the pop-up menu
  • Click on the far right tab (Compatibility).
  • Check the box in front of "Turn off advanced text services"
  • Then click okay


Al Menconi Ministries rated Interactive Parables as A+ (103 out of 100)!

Family Friendly Gaming assigned a score of 98 out of 100.

The Dove Foundation assigned it four out of five Doves and said:

The stories throughout this game are great for learning what Jesus wanted us to get from His parables. They ask questions to get you to think a little deeper than just listening to the story.

I personally liked this game because it has classic Bible stories with a great lesson to be learned from each one. With any 3D game the graphics aren’t that great. But the game play is very well done. If you have the means I highly recommend picking one up.

- Alex Lukens of Dove


100/100 from Christ Centered Game Reviews

Customer comments

"We had to force the kids (9-year-old boy & 12-year-old girl) to stop playing Interactive Parables so that we could play with them." 

Jannie, Oregon


"Overall, great game!  Keep up the great work! I'm totally impressed!" - Clint, Indiana


"The "Interactive Parables" game has arrived. I have been enjoying 
it and am looking forward to trying it out more today. I really like 
'first person' games and it's neat to be able to have one that is 
different & positive, without shooting. It's relaxing to play."  -

Brian H.


Our son loves this game.  He plays it every day!  This is from the 20 year old gamer who loves the action of Star Wars games!   This game satisfies his desire for action. - Diane, Texas


"These games are interesting to play, easy to understand and made learning fun!" 
homeschooler - Andrew age 14 years.

The latest version is 2.0 (look at the Help file, Credits section, or on the splash/menu screen in the bottom right).  If you have anything older than that, please Email support ( to get updated.

Note that we are continuing to improve on the product - you'll be notified when they are available if you have registered (and it will be posted here).  We currently have more textures, better wall decorations, and voiceovers in progress.

Feedback - If you have played Interactive Parables, we'd love to have your feedback, click here.


GraceWorks Interactive is involved in the development and distribution of Christian Games. We are committed to growing the community of Christian Game Developers as God directs and blesses.

Volunteers are a key part of our ministry.  Be sure to check the credits section of our products to see all who contributed.  Send an Email if you are interested in volunteering your talents (delete the REMOVETHIS).

W. Gregg Strawn has been a minister for over 20 years serving both youth and congregations.

Tim Emmerich is an engineer by training but has been working towards increasing the public's awareness of Christian Games and building the community of developers.


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